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12th Conference of the ICOMOS International Scientific Committee on Theory and Philosophy of Conservation & Restoration

Call for abstracts

Invited Committee: ICOMOS International Scientific Committees on Interpretation & Presentation

Theme: Place of Memory – Protection, Conservation, Interpretation

Place and Date: Florence, Italy, 8-10 March 2017

The term 'place of memory' ('lieu de memoire') has been used in heritage protection with increased frequency. A ‘place of memory’ is a property or site vested with historical significance due to the nature of the historic events that occurred there. What differentiates places of memory from other categories of heritage is the relation between the material and non-material components of the site. In ‘places of memory’, the non-material component is of
far greater importance than the material one.

In historical studies, the term 'place of memory' conveys several meanings, including metaphorical ones. In heritage protection, however, the meaning of this phrase narrows down to such sites as battlefields, places of birth or death of important persons, killing and captivity sites, disaster areas, and other sites of similar historical significance. These sites are characterised by the humble nature of material components—or even absence of any material components at all— compared to the immaterial value/significance attributed to these sites.

As the term 'place of memory' is still new in heritage protection and conservation, it needs to be developed in both its theoretical and practical aspects. It is therefore necessary to coin fundamental terms for the sites in question, formulate principles of conservation-related actions to be taken in these places, and popularise examples of protecting and interpreting 'places of memory'.

Forms of conservation actions and the rules governing them should depend on the values of the site, its material features of an asset, its non-material values, and the relationship between these components. These aspects are a part of the conservation theory.

Deadline for abstracts – 20 December 2016

For more information, please visit:http://australia.icomos.org/wp-content/uploads/2017.-03-Florence-Place-of-Memory-call-for-abstracts.pdf