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 ICOMOS International Polar Heritage Committee (IPHC) Conference

Christchurch New Zealand, 28-29 September 2017

The IPHC 2017 Conference theme is Polar heritage and the ships behind it: management and protection.

Getting to and from polar regions has been a constant issue for all polar expeditions, and the ships that made this happen are a key component of polar heritage.

The IPHC 2017 conference will explore the many aspects that arise in the management and protection of these vessels including:

  • Historic shipwrecks in polar regions both on land or underwater
  • Polar ships that survive as museum displays
  • Ownership of polar wrecks and remnants
  • Relocation of polar wrecks and remnants
  • Use of modern polar ships to access polar heritage sites
  • Indigenous use of ship-wreck materials, indigenous input relating to wreck history, and indigenous/non-indigenous interactions related to polar ships and crews
  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police ship patrols and their influence on indigenous groups in arctic Canada
  • World War II ships, and the history of polar convoys
  • Law issues and the protection of underwater heritage

The IPHC 2017 Conference Organising Committee invites submissions of papers that address this theme. Please submit a 300-word abstract and title by 28 February 2017, together with the name(s) of the author and email address to Karen Clarke by email

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